American Truck Simulator Will Cost $20; Devs Detail DLC Plans

SCS Software released some new screenshots and a trailer for the upcoming release of American Truck Simulator. The game is due to drop the world around on February 3rd, 2016 next month for $20 and the developers wanted to give gamers a nice reminder that the title is on its way with some new promo assets and some details on the DLC.

The trailer is nothing but a quick near-minute glimpse at some of the road convoys, asphalt ravagers and lane dominators that will be present in American Truck Simulator. Midwestern highways, two-lane desert roads and the slopes of inner city travel will all make up for the extended journeys present in SCS Software’s newest title.

The trailer doesn’t say much about the game and it certainly isn’t long enough to give gamers a thorough idea of how the trucks handle, what the physics are like and whether or not the new game will make any advancements or changes based on what was present in Euro Truck Simulator.

We did get a brief look at how SCS is improving and advancing on the way different environments are depicted in the game. They released a teaser video showing some of the new ambient effects and sounds they’ve implemented to help bring some of the locations to life. You can get a taste of that with the American Truck Simulator video below.

Now despite the videos being small and somewhat sparse when it comes to content, SCS Software figured fans of their trucking sims would be thirsty for some more content, so they unleashed a batch of new screenshots that you can check out below.


The game actually looks quite good. There are a few shots where it left me thinking that American Truck Simulator almost looked like real life. That’s an impressive feat for a budget priced game.

Anyway, over on the Steam update page the developers revealed what their plans are for the game’s DLC. They will launch some Arizona DLC but they also have plans for other states as well, with the final goal being a coast-to-coast drive across the continental U.S.

As stated on the Steam page…

“We surely do not plan to stop working on American Truck Simulator world with Arizona. However, please be aware that the road ahead of us is long, and it will take us years to cover the continent. We will continue to add features to the game with regular free updates, but most further map expansion DLCs, if not all, will be paid. We have had to pick a business model allowing us to build more than ten times the amount of content compared to what we are launching with.”

Most gamers are okay with their DLC plans and have made it known that they are willing to support the developers given that the game will launch at $20 (they also plan to make it 20 euros). Select retailers will also offer limited collector’s editions of the game as well, for those of you who are into that sort of thing.

You can learn more about the product plans, the development roadmap and the pricing details for American Truck Simulator by visiting the game’s Steam store page.


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