Scrap Mechanic: How To Build A Vehicle

One of the new games that has landed on Steam Early Access is Axolot Games’ Scrap Mechanic, a open-world, crafting and survival game. The game has the potential to be very popular and some YouTubers have already started offering guides and walkthroughs on how to build some basic things… like an engine-powered vehicle with six wheels.

Scrap Mechanic allows players to craft all sorts of mechanical, gravitational and propulsion based objects. YouTuber eNtaK walks gamers through the process of building a vehicle from scratch. You can check out the video below, which covers the basic controls, the turning mechanics, the thrusters, the rotational aspects of a vehicle and more. You can check out the half hour video below.

Press ‘I’ to enter your backpack inventory and you can drag materials into your hotbar for the kind of vehicle you want to make. It can be anything from a wooden vehicle to a metal vehicle.

You need to first put down a lift as base platform in which to build the vehicle on. Place the lift at the center of the chassis, or rather, build the chassis around the base lift. You will need a driver seat, a steering column and an engine. You can put down individual blocks or you can hold down the mouse button to make larger columns.

Scrap Mechanic

Scrap Mechanic

Scrap Mechanic

You will need to then power your vehicle. You do this by using the connect tool and connecting the engine to each of the wheels and the driver seat. Depending on how many wheels or moving parts you have on the vehicle may require additional engines.

One thing worth keeping in mind is that if you want to add additional suspension or objects in between the wheels, you will have to place down a block where you can add wheel bearings first. You have to place the bearings on an applicable block before adding the wheels.

In order to turn the vehicle you will need to use the connectivity tool to connect the driver seat to the left and right wheel bearings and make sure you switch the alignment so that the two front wheels turn left and right and not up and down or forward and backward.

Scrap Mechanic

Congratulations, you just made a vehicle in Scrap Mechanic.

Use the lift to respawn the vehicle at a different location if it flips over. Additionally, you can change the amount of power you can have the engines output set low enough so that it doesn’t cause the car to fly up and away due to the wonky gravity physics.

If you want to add thrusters to your vehicle you will need to use a switch. You add the thrusters where you want the directional propulsion and then you attach an engine to the thrusters. From there you will need to add a switch in order to activate the thrusters. Use the connectivity tool to attach the switch to the engine and then connect the switch to the thrusters. This will power the thrusters.

You can pick up a digital copy of Scrap Mechanic right now from over on the Steam store page for only $19.99. The game is still in Early Access so expect bugs, glitches and hiccups.


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