XCOM 2 Will Launch With Official Mods From Long War Studios

The team at Long War Studios, a game company that spawned out of the hard work they put into the conversion mod for the original XCOM known as The Long War, will be working closely next to Firaxis to bring a collection of mods to life day and date for XCOM 2 on February 5th.

Blues spotted the news over on the official XCOM website where the developers announced that the mods will be available at launch…

“The Long War Studios team, which is comprised of John Lumpkin, Rachel “Amineri” Norman and James “JCLewis” Karlson, is currently hard at work on multiple mods for XCOM 2. These mods are currently slated to be available at launch on February 5, 2016. We’ll have more information about the content of these mods soon.”

The trio are also working on their very own game called Terra Invicta, which will be a strategy game not unlike XCOM. You can check out more details on their upcoming Kickstarter by hitting up their official website.

Meanwhile Firaxis has not been shy about embracing the modding community for the upcoming release of XCOM 2. They’re doing just the ripe opposite of companies like DICE and previously Activision where they would lock up and lock down the game like an altar boy’s mouth when it comes time to talk about the priests’ special “play room”.

They plan on revealing more about the mod support, the mod tools and what gamers can look forward to getting out of the game beyond its initial release by running through demonstrations of the tools at PAX South starting January 30th in San Antonio, Texas. Long Wars Studios’ John Lumpkin will be hand to discuss their affiliation with Firaxis and the launch of XCOM 2. You’ll be able to tune in and see the event next weekend at 12:30pm CST or 1:30pm EST over on the PAX Twitch channel.

XCOM 2 is due to drop on February 5th, exclusively for PC. The game sports a ton of improvements and upgrades over the first game, so anyone who even remotely enjoyed Firaxis take on the Micropose classic will likely fall head over heels for this sequel considering that it has more destructible environments, more customization options, more squad upgrade and abilities, weapon modifications and lots more.

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