How To Get The Czesiu’s Super Zombie Grenade In Dying Light The Following

Dying Light: The Following by Warner Bros., and Techland have players running for their lives in the zombie horror survival game, which is for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Although there have been cheats regarding the duplication of items, Legend levels and Car points, you can actually get a grenade that makes zombies fly, known as the Czesiu’s Super Zombie Grenade.

In this guide folks will be directed to find the helpful zombie-floating grenade commonly known as Czesiu’s Super Zombie Grenade. The weapon can only be obtained after all of the Tolga and Fatin side quests are complete, which for new players will find to become available after getting Dying Light: The Following.

The only way of obtaining this item or weapon is to follow the map to the southwestern region of the map, and follow the railroad tracks until you reach a tunnel. You will know that you are heading in the right direction when you see a white truck near a locked red case.

Once you find the case and unlock it, inside should hold what the game usually has players to build weapons with — a blueprint. This will be the blueprint of Czesiu’s Super Zombie Grenade, which needs 10 Power Cables, one Tin can, 10 Batteries, and 10 Metal parts.

In addition to the crafting parts, they aren’t that hard to make if you’ve been playing the game for a while, and it’s worth it when you assemble this weapon together, since it literally throws them up in the air and drops them on the pavement.

The video comes in by Will Smith, not the one from Fresh Prince or the Suicide Squad, but the YouTuber who explains how to get and craft the weapon in a text-based tutorial. You can watch it below.

It’s worth noting that the grenade is really good for clusters and stopping hordes of zombies and sending them to their death when they hit the ground. However, the grenades aren’t so good if used in an area that has a lot of objects or structures sticking out, if so, it will stop the progress of the flying zombies and will obstruct their levitation, and rendering the grenade’s effect useless.

Dying Light: The Following is out now for PC, Xbox One and PS4.