Here’s How To Solo Farm Lincoln Tunnel With New Glitch In The Division

It seems as if everyday there is a new Division glitch that gets patched quickly, or it involves a full team to do. If you want to solo farm the Lincoln Tunnel mission all by yourself on a harder difficulty (which works on the Russian Consulate), a new wall cover glitch will allow you to do just that on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Ubisoft seems to be patching a lot of glitches that surface up in Tom Clancy’s The Division. Although the devs are cracking down on most of the exploits and all the glitches, there is a glitch/exploit that will allow you to solo the Lincoln Tunnel all by yourself.

The glitch involves the wall cover and roll tactic used in some of the other glitches, like the deployable ballistic shield that grants you its buffs while roaming around. The only difference is that you won’t need any type of shields to take cover behind to escape the dome or use to cheat to kill the boss.

Once you make it to the area with the boss on the truck, head to the back end of the area near a truck parked near a gate. That very truck’s tail end will be facing the gated tunnel; wall cover on the truck and roll into the gate to go through it.

From here, you can run all the way back to some parked cars to take cover or hide behind and kill the boss. It’s best advised that you bring your best gear with you if you are going to solo the mission by yourself.

If you want a visual guide to help you through this glitch/exploit to solo farm this mission, TritanArmy has a video guide on how to do the gate glitch.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is out now for PC, Xbox One and PS4. The glitch works across all platforms, and might get patched in a hotfix or an upcoming update.

Author: Ethan