How To Find The Automatron Hollow Tape Minigame In Fallout 4’s DLC

Fallout 4 fans that like to collect every single hidden thing in the game will eventually come across a hollow tape that has a minigame on it. If you are in search of this hollow tape, you will be able to find it in Fallout 4’s Automatron DLC for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

If you grew up playing games similar to Llamatron, you will definitely enjoy the Automatron Hollow Tape minigame that can only be fond in the Automatron DLC. To locate this tape, you will need to be on the Headhunting quest and will need to travel all the way to the mid part of the map to the west, which will take you to Fort Hagen Satellite Array.

It is advised that you bring your best equipment and gear when traveling to Fort Hagen Satellite Array, which is heavily guarded by lots of enemy robots and Rust Devils. Peering forward some, the fort array’s inside is heavily secured too, so it’s best to be on guard.

After clearing the exterior out so that you can travel through properly, you will need to go up on a platform and use a terminal to open the security door to the fort. Once inside the interior, head down the staircase to the bottom and turn right through a doorway. After heading right, go down a ramp to the bottom which again you will need to turn right into a tank hanger room.

While roaming the giant tank hanger room, continue straight until you make it to the back of the room where you will need to turn left up some stairs into a a computer room. Go to the back of the room down some steps into a storage-like place, which if you continue straight you will make it to a giant dark room with a giant staircase.

Once you are about to go up the flight of stairs you will notice a burning mosquito-repelling torch on the second floor, jump the guard rail on the steps and enter into the facing door. Upon entering through the door you will be met with a bunch of trip-wires, which you will need to disarm to proceed.

In the back of the trip-wire room is a double door that will take you into a power generating room that contains a terminal to the right corner. On the desk you will see the Rust Devil’s gaming terminal that will let you eject the hollow tape to play the Automatron minigame on your Pip-boy.

You can see this all in action courtesy of CamelWorks.

The minigame will task you to save humans and destroy enemies without being touched or hit by them. Although this might sound easy, the minigame does hold some very tricky situations since the screen is cluttered with all sorts of stuff that you will need to dodge, resulting in a lot of running and gunning.


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