How To Get Fallout 3’s Protectron’s Gaze In Fallout 4 Automatron DLC

It’s good to see Easter eggs in games, especially those that are usable like in Fallout 4‘s re-introduction of Fallout 3’s Protectron’s Gaze. If you want to get this handy laser pistol that shoots split lasers at any target, you will need the Automatron DLC for your game.

There are three different ways to get this weapons, but the third way seems a little buggy trying to obtain it. Although Bethesda is known for its glitches throughout its games, I’m not sure it’s a viable method and others don’t know how to properly bargain to get this gun at the moment.

So with that said, we will look to the other two methods. You will need to be on the quest Restoring Order, and you will need to head north-east of Diamond City to RobCo Sales & Service Center (from here, the spoilers are about to get heavy, so you were warned). The first method which is the more brutal way of getting the laser pistol is to kill the Mechanist. You won’t be able to find the weapon on her, but somewhere on the floor, so look carefully.

The second method is making amends with the Mechanist and while she’s walking around you can pick-pocket her. You will need to have your pick pocketing skill to level four and you’ll need to be hidden. Save your game before stealing the weapon from her, or else.

And those are the two official ways to get the weapon or three ways; there’s also the possibility of attempting to get her to sell the gun to you after making amends. If you want to see Protectron’s Gaze in Fallout 4, and its original form, Camelworks has a very detailed guide on how to get and mod the weapon.

Adding on to the weapon’s 25% faster fire rate and 15% reload speed, fans from Fallout 3 will notice that the gun’s special ability from the third Fallout to disarm enemies frequently is still evident in Fallout 4. This is handy since the gun can disarm nearly any opponent out in the wasteland, making it very trusty in close combat.

Looking at the base stats of Protectron’s Gaze, it has 38 base electrical damage, and uses Cells for ammo, a fire rate of 57, a range of 47, an accuracy of 44, a weight of 5.1, and a value of 352.


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