Lucius 2 Complete Gameplay Walkthrough

Lucius II: The Prophecy is currently available for PC. Shiver Games has already garnered a solid following for the sequel, but for gamers out there finding themselves kind of stuck or needing a bit of help to get through some of the game’s puzzles, you can check out a complete walkthrough guide from start to finish.

After the age of six, Lucius gained the ability to start accessing his demonic powers; people that were close to him began dying. After killing most people around him, Lucius was sent to a hospital. The second game picks up from this point, but you first have to learn how to utilize your evil by playing through a tutorial from hell. No really, it’s a tutorial that takes place in hell.

You can pickup items by pressing ‘E’, holster them by pressing ‘G’; pressing ‘I’ allows you to inspect items in your inventory. You can examine or combine items while in the inventory. This allows you to take items and combine them, such as putting pills in donuts or poison in drinks.

Lucius 2

Using the right mouse button you can lob items that you pick up. It’s a tricky thing to master and will require a bit of practice before mastering.

The game also sports three different types of liquids: slippery, conducive and flammable. Each of the liquids can be used to “transport” things, so you can poor liquid on the ground to create a flammable gasoline trail, or electric hazard by pouring water around an exposed wire.

YouTuber Thronful has a really cool, non-commentary walkthrough of Lucius II from start to end. You can check it out below.

The actual game doesn’t really get started until after 15 minutes into the start of the game. The city stage outside the hospital doesn’t kick into gear until Chapter 2 on part 7.

There’s a really, really, really strong semblance to IO Interactive’s original Hitman game, wonky physics and all.

The thing is, this is a sandbox-style title so there’s no one way to do all things in Lucius II. There’s a lot of variance and possibility afforded to players (even though certain things obviously work better than others).

In the early part of the game players are given cues and hints as to how they can take out various NPCs. As a side note, the bloody straight jacket that Lucius starts in looks pretty badass.

There’s still a strong element of stealth, similar to the first few Hitman games, where sneaking around and staying hidden worked in your favor. The game doesn’t take long to get going and for the body count to start racking up really, really quickly.

Also, the game’s physics alone are good enough for a laugh when some of the characters die and start flailing around like human-sized balloons. Also, keep in mind that the physics aren’t always accurate for things like firing objects or utilizing directional propulsion, so it’s best to use those as a last result.

Lucius 2

Additionally, liquids used as “slip” devices are really tricky. They don’t always work as intended (or maybe they do?) so if you decide to use oils, detergent or cleaning supplies to make someone slip into a shaft or a hole, make sure you align the liquid in the direction they’re walking toward that aims at the hole, otherwise they’ll just keep slipping and sliding into a wall or something. When the NPC steps onto the liquid they’ll essentially (and forcibly) slide in the direction they’re facing. So keep that in mind when using liquid sliding traps.

The most reliable ways of killing people in Lucius II appear to be poison, stationary explosions and fire.

If you already have Lucius II, hopefully Thronful’s video came in handy. If you don’t own a copy of the game, you can learn more about it, pick up a copy or check out the very polar user reviews by paying a visit to the Steam store page.


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