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12 March 2016
2.17 min read

Stardew Valley Duplication Glitch Best Way to have Infinite Gold 2020

Making money in some games (also Stardew Valley) can be a real drag. Some gamers just don’t have time to grind, play, grind and play some more. Instead, they want to earn what they need as fast as possible, and this sometimes includes searching out glitches, cheats, and exploits to make some quick cash. Well, Stardew Valley is no stranger to glitches and exploits to make infinite amounts of gold. In fact, there’s a duplication glitch that was recently discovered that allows players to gather an infinite supply of items and then sell them for a ton of gold.

YouTuber Jack Rabbit managed to find out about the duplication glitch and exploit it to make infinite cash. Jack hopes it gets patched soon, but in the meantime, he shows you exactly where to go and how to perform the glitch in the four-and-a-half-minute-long video below.

First, you’ll need a chest full of items or some place where you can fill up your inventory quickly. If you have a chest, then head to the chest and proceed to fill up your entire inventory with every item you can get.

Once your inventory is full head into the mines located in town. Once inside head to floor 55 and proceed to gather up all of the ore that you can. Once your inventory is completely filled to the brim and nothing else can be added, continue through the cave and head down to floor 60 in the cavern where there should be a chest. Inside the chest should be a crystal dagger. Remove something useless from your inventory and place the dagger into your inventory.

When you head back over to the chest and click on it, another dagger should be inside. Remove something else useless from your inventory and add in the dagger once more. You can continue to rinse and repeat this process until you fill up your inventory with crystal daggers.

It might be best that you only fill up your inventory with items you don’t want, this way as you begin to replace them you’re not losing anything terribly valuable in the process. As you can see in the image below, the inventory is getting full up of

Exit the cave and proceed to the weaponsmith. Sell all of the crystal daggers to the weapon vendor to make some quick cash. You can rinse and repeat this method to continue to make infinite amounts of money by using the weapon duplication glitch.

This method is available for anyone to use who wants to use it, so it’s available right now until ConcernedApe patches it out of the game.

Stardew Valley is available right now over on Steam for $14.99 and it’s also available on for $14.99 where you can get it DRM-free.

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