The Division: How To Use Gear Mods

Just because a lot of people are playing Tom Clancy’s The Division on PS4, Xbox One and PC doesn’t mean everyone knows every single little thing about the ins and outs of making an efficient and highly decked out character. In fact, there are a lot of little things that many players can miss when leveling up their character, looting for goods and crafting items… like Gear Mods, for instance. Not every gamer is in tune with how they work, but thankfully there are some helpful guides out there to teach you how to acquire, craft and use Gear Mods in The Division.

The first video is a basic tips guide posted up by Ubisoft. They cover the basics of using Gear Mods in The Division and what their purpose is and how to apply them to your equipment. Funnily enough this video was only recently posted on March 12th, well after the game’s release. Apparently they forgot to post up the tips video before the game came out. Better late than never, eh?

So basically, Gear Mods fit into the mod slots for weapons and armor. You can add Gear Mods to items to increase their stats or add special attributes to them. You can acquire Gear Mods in The Division from looting out in the wild, crafting them from the materials you’ve gathered, or by earning them from the mission rewards after completing various quests.

In order to use the Gear Mods you will need to select the piece of gear – whether it be a weapon or a piece of armor – and press the ‘X’ button (or Square button if you’re using the PS4 DualShock) to mod the item. After pressing the ‘Mod’ button you can then insert the mod of your choice into the free slot on the equipment. Armor and weapons usually have limited space for mods, so choose carefully what sort of Gear Mod you want to add to your equipment.

Now another video from Lazy Pirate Gaming goes a bit more in depth about using Gear Mods and crafting them. You can check out his 13 minute walkthrough guide on Gear Mods, recalibration and upgrades below.

So before getting into crafting the one thing you’ll definitely want is to upgrade the Medical Wing at your base for the Pharmacy. This specific upgrade will unlock the perk Rigger, which allows you to collect fabrics and crafting materials in the Medial Wing once per hour. That’s very useful if you plan on crafting items often.

Just like other items in the game such as armor, weapons, gloves, boots and masks, you can craft Gear Mods if you have the appropriate materials.

The Division - Gear Mods

At the 9:54 mark in the video, he shows you how to craft a Gear Mod. Most will require a certain amount of resources, such as a blueprint for a Gear Mod requiring 12 electronic materials. Crafting Gear Mod blueprints will grant you with a random mod that can be applied to a weapon or a piece of armor, such as an Integrated Firearms Mod.

The video ends with a demonstration on recalibrating the stats on the Gear Mod that he added to the ceramic plate pads. You can check out the crafting and blueprint guide to learn more about recalibration and crafting items in general.

The Division is available right now for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.


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