Tom Clancy’s The Division New Glitch Lets You Keep Your Mobile Cover Buffs

Want to run around in Tom Clancy’s The Division with damage resistance and damage buffs always on? The new mobile cover buff will grant you an upper hand in battle, and works on the Xbox One, PC, and PS4 versions of the game.

The portable Mobile shield cover is handy since you can use it nearly anywhere, and take cover behind it while gaining some buffs from it. However, once you leave the cover all the buffs wear off making you vulnerable to damage and reducing your critical chance, and other buffs.

Although this new glitch has one downside to it, the way the glitch works allows you to activate it again quickly. So with that all said, to do this helpful glitch you will need the Mobile Cover ability unlocked under the Security section, which is the third skill near the bottom.

If you don’t know what the ability does, it allows players to throw down a portable shield that you can take cover behind. It also allows you to modify it to let two players hide behind it, place explosives on the front to remotely detonate it, increase your damage while under cover, and increase your resistance too.

You will know when it is active since you will see all the buffs in a list hovering over your head when taking cover, which you will need to pay attention to when doing the glitch.

Once you throw it down quickly take cover and leave as soon as you wall hug the portable shield. You can also roll away from the portable shield, which if done correctly you will see the list of buffs still over your head flashing, while the buff symbol is over your health.

You can watch the video that MFK Clickz posted up, as seen below.

As noted above, the only downside to this glitch is that once you take cover while the glitch is active or you die, you will lose the effects. To gain them back just throw down the shield and roll away from it once you take cover behind it. And lastly, it’s best to do this glitch while it’s still unpatched to gain an extra advantage anywhere.


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