American Truck Simulator Updated With New Customization Features, Workshop Uploader

SCS Software announced that they have some major new features implemented into both Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator, where they have added some new customization features to both games, along with some new accessibility tools for Steam Workshop.

The updates improve the vehicle physics, as well as adds smart cruise control in both games. AI behavior has been updated, along with new achievements for Nevada in American Truck Simulator.

Based on the feedback they’ve received, SCS also added new multi-component customization for the wheels, stating…

“We splited truck wheels models into multiple components: Tire and Disk separation was introduced recently, in addition to it we have added customization of sub-components of the disk: Hubs, Hub Covers and Nuts.”

While players make custom wheels, custom cabs and custom skins for both Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator, they decided to ease the process of making mods by allowing users to easily add mods to the Steam Workshop using the new Workshop Uploader. They offered a tutorial video to showcase exactly how the uploader works.

In addition to the main features modified or added into the games, they also modified the maps to have clearer textured signs in American Truck Simulator, along with more signs to help direct the trucks in traffic and removed some of the lights on the interstate crossroads.

Some UI options have also been implemented, so that players can enable or disable things like traffic offense, navigation paths and autoparking.

American Truck Simulator turned out to be a pretty big success for SCS Software, moving more than 300,000 copies according to Steam Spy. It’s amazing to see these lower budget niche titles really find their audience these days, proving that games don’t have to be $100 million tent pole productions to make a profit.

You can learn more about the updates by paying a visit to the official SCS Software website.

(Main image courtesy of DeliqenT)


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