Destiny: How To Farm Fast With 3 Of Coins

With the April update for Destiny changing some things up, a lot of gamers are curious where to go get some good loot, how to get there, when to use the Three of Coins and how to get a hold of some high value Engrams. More importantly, they want to know how to farm fast with the Three of Coins buff to get some legendary items and fast light levels. Well, there have been some guides and walkthroughs made available to help Destiny players, whether on the Xbox or PlayStation, get their hands on some exotic loot with and without the Three of Coins.

So first up, Xennith Gaming has a quick guide on how to make good use of the Three of Coins to get some really good gear from the Ultra Knight, as demonstrated in the video below.

In the Dreadnaught, Rings of Saturn stage, head through the hull breach. Go through the hallways leading up to where the tank would be during the strike. The first thing you have to do is kill two ultras and the mobs. The two Psion Operants are in the room with some other enemies, so you’ll need to clear out the room and kill the two Operants before doing anything else.

Once the Operants are killed – if you’re doing the method with two people – both of you need to head to the two different consoles where you can deploy your Ghost at the same time to get to the bridge before the door closes. If you’re solo’ing, you can head to the locked door leading to the bridge, and if you look up to your left, there’s a small duct between the wall and the door. You can double jump through a crevice in the upper left corner to get through the service duct, which will lead you past the locked bridge door.

Follow the corridor and make a right to get the Ultra Knight, who will likely drop some good stuff when you pop the Three of Coin buff.

YouTuber Mesa Sean also has a quick three minute video guide covering some post-game loot and Three of Coin goods. You can check it out below.

After spending a whole minute bragging about all the good stuff he acquired from the farming run.

In the video he notes that you’ll want to go into the Prison of Elders and only kill the bosses. Each run only took them six minutes. Before facing off against any of the bosses in the Prison of Elders, simply pop a Three of Coins buff and you’ll be able to fast-farm your way through Destiny to get all sorts of high-level and legendary Engrams and items.

There’s only three bosses during the run and he notes that it’s not an exploit but just a quick way to make bank with the Three of Coins.

The comment section under the video confirms that it’s a good spot to fast farm for loot. Some mentioned getting the Queen’s Breaksbow, others mentioned getting the Lord of Wolves, a few more mentioned boosting in light up to 331 with ease. So it might be a good time to get in on the loot while the looting is good, or before Bungie patches Destiny again.


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