Destiny’s Taken King April Update Lets Players Get To Light Level 335

Bungie recently dropped a new preview trailer for Destiny’s Taken King April update that will increase the light level cap by 15, adds new checkpoints to Prison of Elders and much more. The 2.2.0 update will improve Night Falls and Strikes, as well as adding new loot and gear for players to obtain.

It’s quite obvious that many players want to get to light level 335 as quick as possible, while at the same time finding some pretty sick armor and gear. In addition to that, Guardians will come across the new colorful Chroma set that will let players change their colors with a glowing neon-like aesthetic.

The update also addresses the typical stuff like bugs, performance issues and many other technicalities, but most importantly it revamped the Strikes, adds new bounties and adds some more ways to get to light level 335 from the previous 320 — that is, if you were able to get your stuff from 319 to 320.

If you’ve watched the previous live-streams that Bungie released over the past few weeks you’ll pretty much know what to expect from the update, but if you haven’t been keeping track, you can check out the video below that goes over Destiny’s Taken King April Update.

As seen in the video above, there’s quite a bit that was added for Taken King fans to progress to. However, there are a few things that YouTuber and hardcore Destiny player My Name Is Byf posted up, which shows 320 Guardians how to get to those things noted above quicker, as well as getting to light level 335. The title clearly notes that it will help get players to light level 335 “fast!,” and goes over things that a Guardian who’s eager to reach the max cap LT in a near 10 minute long guide video.

Destiny and the expansion of the Taken King are currently out now, which are now accompanied by the new free April update. The sci-fi RPG FPS game is available across the PS3, Xbox 360, PS4 and Xbox One.

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