Fallout 4 Patch 1.4 Has A Tricky New Dogmeat Duplication Glitch

Fallout 4’s Dogmeat duplication glitch is back, but a little tricky to do. The Dogmeat Duplication Glitch for patch 1.4 allows folks to gain multiple items and weapons so that they have more than one, which is almost but not quite the same as patch 1.3 Dogmeat duplication glitch. Although it’s a bit harder than before, it still works for PS4, PC and Xbox One.

Console players in need of Dogmeat Duplication glitch finally have somewhat of an alternative way to do it again in Fallout 4‘s patch 1.4. It’s not exactly like the one on patch 1.3, but it still provides an option to duplicate weapons and other items in stacks.

First have Dogmeat as a companion and a distance from you. Next have him to pick the item up while he’s still somewhat far away, which will be your cue to start spamming the button to pick the item up. This sounds simple but it doesn’t always work even if you’ve successfully followed all the steps.

As for duplicating stacks of items, like ammo or other stack-able items, Dogmeat will only drop one of that item from the stack which will not be the whole stack. To get the whole stack, head to your inventory and drop the whole stack near the single item that Dogmeat dropped and quicksave it. Exit to the main menu and load your quicksave.

In addition to the stacking glitch, the single item will turn into the stacked amount that you’ve placed near the single stacked item when entering from your quicksave. After picking it up, you should have a duplicated stack of that item.

If all of the above sounded too confusing, you can watch Demon Asylum do the glitch below. The actual glitching in the video starts around 1:55 in case you don’t want to hear him explaining the glitch, or you already know how to do it.

Something worth noting, if it doesn’t work right away or on the first try it doesn’t mean that the glitch doesn’t work. It may take a few tries and some re-positioning to get things working.


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