Here’s How To Farm Souls Faster In Dark Souls 3

There’s been an ongoing cheat that surfaced for Dark Souls III that lets players get more souls, but it’s quite hard to do and doesn’t work so well for newcomers. There’s actually another way to get even more souls, which can be done by obtaining the Silver Serpent Ring, the Avarice Mimic’s head and the Shield of Want. All of these items can be found on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One versions.

From Software likes to hide helpful items in its Dark Souls games, which if found they add a nice chance of surviving the brutal onslaught that awaits. This also includes finding more souls or boss souls instead of having to cheat with button mashing and precise timing with the boss souls glitch.

As seen below, there are three videos showing how to get the three soul booster items. The first video is by PrincePoXo showing the Silver Serpent Ring, while the second video comes in by FinalFantasySeven revealing the Mimic’s head, and is followed by Mekkah Dee Plays showing the Shield of Wisdom.

The first step to getting more souls is to get the Silver Serpent Ring. You will need to head to the Firelink Shrine and talk to the Shrine Handmaid. You will have to pay the merchant 20,000 souls for a key to get inside a secret illusion wall. After leaving the Firelink Shrine and going up a spiral tower (and using the key), you will want to drop off the roof and take a secret path inside a small window that will lead to the illusion door. Attack the door and head down until you find the chest holding the Silver Serpent key.

The next step to getting another soul booster item is finding what is commonly called a Kaiser Mimic or an Avarice Mimic, and killing it. If you can find a place to jam it, do so. This will render it useless until you can pick up its head as an item. To help increase your chance of getting the Avarice Mimic’s head when it’s defeated, wear the Golden Serpent Ring. This ring can be found either at Irithyll in a prison cell at the Profaned Capital, or at Archdragon Peak after defeating the Nameless King which should be beneath the boss room.

Lastly, the Shield of Wisdom can be found in the Smouldering Lake by heading westward, after finding a couple of large titanite shards along the way. If this is your first time entering this area, you will have to face the giant worm.

Added up together, this will grant players 80 percent more souls when farming or battling bosses. This will only work if you have all three items equipped. Dark Souls III is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


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