Here’s How To Self Revive Yourself In Tom Clancy’s The Division

You don’t even need another individual to help revive you in Tom Clancy’s The Division anymore. All you need is one item and a turret that shoots to revive yourself. This glitch or exploit works can only work with the Tactical Pack with the Talent “Relentless” and a turret.

As of now it seems like the glitch or exploit is still in full force and hasn’t been patched yet, meaning that you will be able to use it in the Incursions or Dark Zone. However, don’t be shocked if Ubisoft patches this glitch sometime soon.

If you want to learn how to do the self reviving technique, you will need to have the Tactical Backpack with the Talent Relentless on, which allows you to regain health based on 3% of damage dealt by Skills. By that description, it’s pretty obvious where you can exploit this Talent based on pre-existing Skills that work even while you are down and out.

Looking over to the Skills, if you throw down a turret that either shoots ballistics like bullets, or spits fire at enemies, you will recover from that damage it deals (which is by 3%) meaning that you will recover that health based on the existing turret. This means you will instantly be revived based on if your turret hits a person.

If you want some ideals on how it works you can watch TritanArmy perform the glitch with his friend, although the video drags on with demonstrating, it does start around the 1:34 mark.

For those that think that the above didn’t explain it correct, GunsBrothersGaming demonstrates a clear and streamlined video showing the revive glitch in a simple updated package. He also dives into the methods of getting the Tactical Backpack Talent and so on, you can view it below.

I’m sure this will come in handy on solo runs and getting loot in much harder places since it offers an extra life on death. With that said, the glitch could be patched any time soon, so it’s best if you use it while you can assuming it doesn’t get patched.


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