How To Farm Phoenix Credits And Gear In The Division On The Police Academy Mission

There is a new method for farming Phoenix credits and high-end gear in Tom Clancy’s The Division during the Police Academy mission. Although there are better ways to get some good loot and gear, if you prefer running solo and doing the Police Academy on a harder setting, this method will come in handy, and works on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

It’s worth noting before jumping into how to get good gear and loot from the Police Academy mission that Ubisoft might have patched this method of using the Mobile Cover. So if it doesn’t work after the latest patch or hotfix then the devs patched it.

Looking over to the Mobile Cover glitch — while it still works — not only will it get you through this mission quickly, but it will get you to the boss after scanning the “gymnasium” room to rinse and repeat it all over again for quick loot. After picking the difficulty setting you want when approaching the Police Academy mission, make sure that you have the Mobile Cover active so that you can use it at one specific door.

Right near some barricades near the Police Academy should be double doors across the street from some scaffolding. Throw your mobile cover in such a way that you can enter through the door from both outside and inside the building. Enter the building and scan the gymnasium room and wait until you can use the keyboard. This will spawn enemies and the boss outside so that you can get Phoenix credits and other loot from them.

As seen below, TritanArmy has a video showing how to do this method while doing the Police Academy mission.

It’s worth noting that you can get better loot elsewhere, but if you like running missions by yourself and getting some loot on really hard difficulty settings, then you might want to check out the Police Academy mission when you get the time.

Lastly, for those that see this glitch later on in the future and it’s patched, you will not be able to do this since you can only do it with the Mobile Cover ability.


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