Jalopy Gameplay Guide And How To Make Money

Some gamers have been having a lot fun with Minskworks’ car simulator, Jalopy. The game recently entered into Early Access after being Greenlit by the community to appear on Steam. Some gamers have had some trouble with getting started, making money and repairing their car. Thankfully there are some guides available to help newcomers along the way.

YouTuber Figureight has a nice little walkthrough available that covers a lot of the basic gameplay mechanics as well as some of the ins and outs for repairing the car and keeping it running. Check it out below.

You can refill your car with gas by pulling into a gas station, getting out of the car, grabbing the pump handle and placing it onto the fuel tank under your car’s hood. The gas station gate will close once you start pumping gas into your car because they want to make sure that you pay for the gas before you leave. After you finish pumping take your wallet and head back to the clerk to pay for the gas, which will result in the gate opening up for you.

In order to purchase items, you can head into general stores and grab what you need and then take it to the register. After you place the item on the counter you’ll need to head back to your car’s dashboard and grab the wallet from inside. Head back into the store and place the wallet on the counter for the money to be subtracted and for the item to be paid for.


If you have engine troubles you simply need to pull the bonnet lever under the steering column and then check under the hood to see where the smoke is coming from. Before you can get out of the Laika you’ll need to pull over and put the handbrake on. After you open the door of the Laika you can then press on the little exit button to get out of the car.

A check list will appear that allows you to see what the status is of each part on the car. Each part will have a durability rating of 1 through 3, and if the durability falls down to 1 then it means that it’s in trouble.

You can try different routes by marking them by using the map on the side of the door. You can get an idea of how to make use of some of these features in the video below from WhyBeAre.

As showcased in the video above, if you find a box on the side of the road you can examine them and open the ones that don’t have locks on them. If the box has tape on it, place the box on the ground, and look at the tape on the box to peel it off. Once you take the tape off the box you can proceed to open it and take the items out.

So how do you make money in Jalopy? Well, you can earn some extra cash by selling some of the items from the boxes at local general stores, including car parts store. Items that can be sold simply need to be placed on the counter in front of the clerk. Make sure you have the car nearby so you can get your wallet and then receive the money for the items you trade in.

You’ll find the boxes at random points along the road. If you see a box lying around simply pull the car over and pick up the box. Be sure to keep some room in your trunk so you can store the items you find lying around by the side of the road. Alternatively, taking the items out of the box can afford you some extra room given that the box can take up a lot of trunk space.

Also, when heading across security checkpoints – such as entering into Dresden – you’ll need to slowly pull up the checkpoint and when the guard asks for your papers you’ll need to open the dashboard compartment and pull out your papers next to your wallet. Give the papers to the checkpoint officer. Just be careful about what’s in your trunk as you make the journey across checkpoints.

You can learn more about Jalopy or pick up a digital copy of the game by hitting up the Steam store page where the title is available for $12.99.

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