King Of Fighters XIV Release Set For August 23rd On PS4

SNK Playmore released two new trailers for the King of Fightes XIV, along with a press release to reveal the game’s official release date of August 23rd on the PS4.

The first trailer highlights two of the new characters added to the roster, including Nakoruru from Samurai Shodown and a brand new character named Shun’Ei, who is said to play an important role in the game’s story mode. The kid fights very similar to K9999 from King of Fighters 2001.

Shun’Ei’s techniques aren’t really based around technical martial arts like some of the other fighters. He appears to have a lot of teleportation and projectile-based attacks. Fans of K9999 will probably find an affinity with this new kid.

The second trailer focuses more on the actual gameplay modes and mechanics, such as the new Max Mode that allows players to dish out extra damage or the EX mode for special moves.

They also detail how the Mission Mode is making a return after it made an appearance in a few of the other King of Fighters titles. This challenge mode will give gamers a ton of replay value to play through the title even after they finish the arcade story mode, which will also feature interactions between the team and story endings for each of the characters.

SNK also promoted the three-player online battle mode, where teams of three can team up online and go against others in tournament matches. This is a cool new feature that should prove to be interesting in practice.

If the netcode is solid and SNK does well to foster a strong online community, then King of Fighters XIV should have a nice, long little shelf life on the PS4.

While the graphics have been in contention amongst the community since the game debuted last year, the reality is that the gameplay, the pace and performance look spot on. I’m not entirely thrilled with all of the animations but some of the characters look slick.

You can grab a digital or physical copy of King of Fighters XIV courtesy of Atlus come August 23rd.


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