Rambo The Video Game: Baker Team Walkthrough

Reef Entertainment’s newest DLC for the several-year-old Rambo video game recently released. The DLC is called Baker Team and it’s about John Rambo’s old Vietnam war buddies as they battled through the jungle. There’s already a walkthrough available for the DLC from start to finish.

YouTuber tr1ppa has a three-video playlist available covering the content. The DLC is only 30 minutes long as players control Rambo through the jungles of Vietnam. You can check out the walkthrough below.

The DLC starts with Baker Team infiltrating the jungle area, followed by a couple of quick-time events where players must time their button presses to take out some patrolling guards.

It’s a little odd that everyone in the team talks except for Rambo.

After a little more stealthing, players then go blasting through the camp like… well, like Rambo.

The game is still a full-on rail-shooter and that doesn’t change, but for anyone looking for a decent first-person rail-shooting experience, it’s actually not that bad. There’s a surprising amount of skill, some freedom and reflex shooting involved.

As you can see in the video playlist above, once the shooting starts it can get pretty intense. After taking out the bunker players will see Rambo through some tight corridors with nothing but a flashlight and a M1911.

Rambo The Video Game: Baker Team

After making his way through the corridors, Rambo ends up in a cavern working as a munitions depot for the Vietcong. If you press the quick-time button at just the right time while you’re heading into the munitions depot underground, there’s a PPSh-41 sub-machine gun on a crate you can grab.

After blasting through the munitions depot you’ll have to blast your way through soldiers with the rest of Baker Team.

Rambo: The Video Game: Baker team is available right now as a free DLC add-on for anyone who owns the vanilla game. You can get the DLC for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.


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