Shadwen Set To Release In May For PC, PS4

Stealth games are in short supply on home consoles. No need to worry, though, because indie developers usually focus on making games that are actually fun (or at least they try to focus on making fun games). One of those developers aiming to bring a fun stealth game to PC and PlayStation owners is Frozenbyte Software. Their upcoming third-person stealth game, Shadwen, is set to go live on Steam, and PS4 this May.

The news was accompanied by a brand new trailer for the game, focusing entirely on gameplay and the stealth mechanics offered in Shadwen. You can see what the game looks like in the video below.

The trailer keeps it limited on what they showcase, mostly giving gamers an idea of how the protagonist, Shadwen, can utilize her grappling hook to get around the environment, not unlike in Uncharted 4. The mechanics look smooth enough, and the grapple can be used to either setup a stealth kill or avoid being spotted while reaching a difficult-to-reach spot.

We also see the melee attacks on display, with Shadwen using multiple knife strikes to disable enemies. This actually plays a significant part in the game’s story; Shadwen’s kills will affect the trust of her companion, a little girl who she must escort to safety through hostile territory.

Players will be forced with the moral dilemma of killing recklessly in front of the girl and risk losing her trust, or finding alternative methods through guard outposts by utilizing the environment and other stealth tactics to disable guards.

It’s a nice balance that adds a risk and reward feature for different play styles. That’s not to mention that the alternative kill/no-kill measure gives Shadwen a measure of replayability, something sorely missing from a lot of games these days.


Shadwen doesn’t look like an AAA game, but it doesn’t have to be one. It appears to have functional animations, combat and physics-based traps to keep the action fluid and entertaining. It’s a mid-budget game for gamers looking for a solid, fun game to play set within a dark, medieval location.

There’s a demo available for players to check out if they want to get an idea of how the gameplay works and what the level designs will be like in Shadwen. Frozenbyte even made an event out of the availability of the demo, noting that the more people downloaded and played the demo the cheaper the price would be on the final game.

More than 20,000 gamers downloaded the demo, thus knocking the price off the PC version by $20. In result, Shadwen will launch on Steam and for $14.55 instead of $34.55. The game will also be made available on the PS4 at the standard retail price. The game will launch on both PC and PS4 in May, next month.

For more info feel free to pay a visit to the game’s official website.


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