7 Days To Die Launches On PS4, Xbox One June 28th

7 Days To Die is being ported over to the PS4 and Xbox One courtesy of Iron Galaxy Games, bringing with it the same Minecraft meets Call of Duty zombies gameplay that allowed it to sell more than 1.5 million copies on PC.

In a post over on the PlayStation Blog, Rick Heunink from The Fun Pimps made a post explaining that 7 Days to Die would be arriving on the PS4 and Xbox One next month on June 28th, and will hit store shelves courtesy of Telltale’s publishing arm.

A developer diary was tossed into the post to give gamers an idea of what The Fun Pimps’ title is like and how Iron Galaxy would attempt to do right by the studio with the port onto the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The concept for the game is pretty cool, with players having to build, scavenge and survive in a post World War III society. Every seven days a blood moon rises and zombies roam the Earth. Before the blood moon hits it’s up to players to build up and fortify their base, as well as scavenge for enough supplies to last during the blood moon.

Just like DayZ or Rust, food supplies and hydration is still an issue that players must tend to occasionally, and then there’s the added stress of the zombie hordes coming to tear down your house to make it that much more exciting.

The biggest difference between the PC and home console version of 7 Days to Die is that Iron Galaxy is implementing in a split-screen co-op mode for local play, as well as online co-op for those playing across PSN. It’s a real shame that the PC version doesn’t have split-screen because for computers hooked up to giant 42” flat-screens, it would be a blast to play with a couple of friends via split-screen.

The hook for the game is attempting to survive as long as possible while constantly building up and strengthening your fortifications and resources. You’ll have to hunt animals, fashion together traps for the zombies, craft clothes and possibly even beautify your yard so it looks real nice and pretty when the undead approach.

I always liked the concept of 7 Days to Die and it’s been one of titles I kept a close eye on when it first entered Greenlight and eventually graduated to Early Access. It’s great to see it make the leap to home consoles.

You can learn more about the game by paying a visit to the official website, or look to grab a copy from the PSN store, the Xbox Store or from your local retailer starting June 28th.


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