8-Bit Armies: How To Build Effective Strategies And Eco Builds

Those looking to understand the latest RTS voxel game, 8-Bit Armies by developer Petroglyph, will find some helpful tips in this guide. Folks will learn the core features in the game, along with some basic tips and strategies in the real-time strategy classic throwback.

I’ve played some RTS games in my time, like Advanced Wars, Ball Bullet Gun and other games in that genre, and 8-Bit Armies fits right into that category. Players will find that certain units will play a key role in specific scenarios, while tiles and topography will play an essential key to units and their movements. With that said, trying to sum up an RTS to a beginner or a new player in a 50 thousand foot view can be very overwhelming, but it can be done for those looking for some help.

In this guide folks will learn the basics of how the whole thing goes down, if you need to freshen up on what infantry, vehicle, structure and other things do, you can check out Negark‘s video guide below.

After seeing the tutorial in visual action, if you forgot how to navigate around the options menu and want to see a coordinated battle in action, you can watch MasterofRoflness do so.

I know by now many would prefer to see a dedicated video showing some good beginner tips and strategies with their units, which Netput reveals on the map Backslide. Something worth noting, I know this strategy is used specifically on this map, but like most RTS games (and battles both in virtual and real Chess) players can take away similar strategies and tactics against other players or in specific situations to win in other encounters, as seen below.

As noted above, all of these tactics and tips may not apply to all situations in the game, or against other players, but the more you know in an RTS type game, the better your plethora of skills and strategies will be so that you can be more resilient or aware of enemies plans.

The voxel RTS game, 8-Bit Armies, is out now on Steam and is currently available for $14.99. The base game currently features a campaign with 25 single-player missions, 10 different co-op missions, a multiplayer mode to play online, along with a skirmish mode.

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