Absolver: Online Combat RPG Announced For PC, PS4 And Xbox One

Devolver Digital’s latest game features online RPG elements that’s heavily focused on combat and it’s called Absolver. The slick-looking fighting game will be available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One sometime during 2017.

I was just thinking about the game Blade Symphony and how it has such a thin online audience; hopefully this game won’t be desolate, which many recent reviews for Blade Symphony have been noting. However, the strange-looking voxel game, Absolver, is said to feature smoother controls and better stability.

Looking at the core game, it seems like an okay fighting game, nothing too fancy, but has an interesting character design and somewhat decent fighting system, although it looks a little slow and choppy.

Anyways, those interested in the story of the Absolver, player will find that it takes place from the role of a “Prospect.” This sacred vow by the Prospect leads to an elite combat corps that seek stability in the world. Players will wonder forsaken and strange places and encounter other players online.

Like most games, you will find better arts and styles to strengthen your finesse in battle and become even more fluid in fighting by traveling dungeons, and fighting in a PvE setting along with other players to get better. In addition, moves can be organized in the Combat Deck, and will also feature special weapons like swords and sabers that can be used in dedicated PvP arenas.

Absolver 2

If you are unsure about the game, or want to get a nice look at what Devolver Digital has to offer with its online RPG, you can check out the video trailer by JeuxActu below.

If the game follows in the footsteps of Blade Symphony and contains the game’s recent review of “Mostly Negative,” then the devs will have a lot of work to sort out. But, if they manage to take a turn and make an actual fighting game that’s noteworthy I could see it going far, if it doesn’t become a ghost town with its player-base.

Absolver will be playable at E3 through June 14th through 16th. Arriving ahead of the upcoming play test, the devs will hold a live stream on Twitch on June 13th at 5:00pm PT / 8:00pm ET.

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