Afterfate, Post-Apocalyptic RPG Heads To IndieGoGo For Funding

Crowd-funding these days has turned into a gamble. Some studios are just there to gather funds to take them and run off. Others have great ideas but no management or financing skills in bringing the project together in a timely and efficient manner. Well, French gaming outlet Gamepad Tribe wants to try their hand at crowd-funding the turn-based, post-apocalyptic survival RPG, Afterfate.

The name didn’t immediately inspire within me any sense of confidence, but it was after looking at the art-style and checking out the IndieGoGo trailer did I see how much potential this game has.

Essentially players will start out with a small base as they attempt to gather supplies and survive in the Droeland. This will require gathering your party, acquiring resources, upgrading your equipment and using a battle truck to scavenge the wasteland for fuel and water.

The Flash-style art and gruesome combat definitely works, and if you were a fan of the other post-apocalyptic roguelike, Bedlam, you might enjoy Afterfate.

You can scope out the trailer for the game below.

It’s a little like Bedlam meets Mad Max meets Fallout meets Wasteland, with a tinge of Guns, Gore & Cannoli.

One of the highlights of the combat is how characters can lose limbs, get burned to death or completely mutilated from top to bottom. Some party members who happen to survive will need to be bed ridden until they live to fight another day.

Players will attempt to survive in the wasteland while building up and managing their survivors and the base itself, including upgrading the infirmary so that soldiers can rest up and be prepared to go back out and scavenge. All of this happens while dodging the more dangerous factions and fending off the stragglers trying to steal your gear or kill your squad.

Players will travel the Droeland sing the Roadhog Truck, which can also be upgraded to carry more supplies and equipment. The Roadhog Truck is also how players will travel from one location to the next.

You can learn more about Afterfate or contribute to the cause by visiting the IndieGoGo page. Gamepad Tribe is currently seeking $50,000 with two months left on their campaign to gather the funds.


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