Ballistic Takes Action-Platforming To The Next Level With Ragdoll Carnage

Another game to attract the masses on Greenlight, Ballistic is an Unreal Engine 4-powered platforming game where players control a destructive ball going on a rampage, all while collecting points in the form of human bodies.

If you’re into puzzle-oriented platformers where you need to explore, fly, bounce and roam around at blinding speeds, Ballistic might be up your alley. The game is described by the developers Facepuncher Media as being similar to Super Mario but with physics-based puzzle challenges to overcome. One of the developers wrote on the Greenlight page…

“[…] this is a combat-focused platformer with acrobatic physics challenges along the way. There are various enemy types each with their own attacks, with a variety of AI types controlling them. As far as the unarmed ragdoll-people go, they are akin to the coins in Mario.”

You can see what Ballistic looks like in action with the trailer below, where you can see the unarmed people getting clobbered and rolled over like dough under a rolling pin.

According to the Greenlight page there will be over 30 levels to complete, along with power-ups to collect and various weapons sprinkled throughout the adventure. I’m not entirely sure how the weapons will work but I’m sure we’ll find out more when additional gameplay videos are released to the public.

The whole atmosphere of the game is designed to mimic a kind of futuristic, cybernoir setting. It reminds me a little bit of Tron meets Terminator as far as color tone and the setting is concerned.


A lot of the feedback on the Greenlight page has been very positive. What’s more is that the developers seem excited to bring this project to life, and unlike Kickstarter since you have to pay to get your game on Greenlight it’s likely that Ballistic won’t be a scam. It’s pretty sad these days that gamers have to wade through so many different titles that seem promising only for them to turn out to have developers who take the money and run.

If they can ensure that Ballistic is as fun as it looks in the trailer and that the entire soundtrack is as cool as the song they used to help promote the game, then I think they might have a sleeper hit on their hands if they can get Greenlit for Steam.

If you like what Facepuncher Media (not to be confused with Facepunch Studios) is doing with Ballistic, then you can support the game by giving it an upvote and favorite by visiting the Steam Greenlight page.


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