Battleborn Story Mode Walkthrough

No one really seems to care much for Battleborn, what with DOOM on the retailer shelves and Overwatch set to launch soon. Nevertheless, some gamers may be inclined to check out Battleborn’s story mode either to get a little bit of help in completing the missions or just to check out what the gameplay is like.

There’s a complete gameplay walkthrough available of Battleborn’s story mode courtesy of YouTuber Fourth Wall Games. The title is available right now for the PS4, Xbox One and PC and you can see it in action below.

The beta story missions see players taking on Isic and his robot minions. A number of heroes are available to play. Much like Overwatch the characters are stuck with a basic weapon loadout that can’t be swapped or altered.

Instead of getting new weapons, players will instead upgrade their hero and add new skills, not unlike a MOBA.

At the end of the level, after making your way through Isic’s factory and defeating his lesser minions, you eventually have to fight Isic in his giant robotic walker. You’ll need to shoot the highlighted green targets on his legs to do damage.

You can wipe out Isic’s mobs to replenish health during the fight. You can unlock Isic as a playable character once you defeat him. You start with seven of the heroes and as play through the game you can unlock the other 17.

The second mission featured in the beta involves closing a portal in the void by defeating the Conservator.

In between missions you can equip gear mods that you unlock during play sessions, many of which add or buff certain abilities or skills of the heroes in Battleborn. You’ll find all of the unlocked gear mods with other character profile options from the Command options in the main menu, where you can select things like the unlocked titles or check out the marketplace.

In the full game, there’s a near 10 minute animated cinematic that gets the game started after the prologue explains how a bunch of unlikely heroes from around the galaxy have to come together to help save the last of their home world. The main story mode will start you with a preset character during the prologue, as they battle through an attack from Rendain’s forces.


There are only nine main missions, including the prologue mission. Each mission will last around half an hour, so the game’s story mode can be completed in just a couple of hours.

One of the more difficult missions is The Saboteur. It’s a difficult mission because it requires a lot of teamwork. In the playlist, Fourth Wall Games saved the stage for near the end, he uses Isic for his long range projectile attacks. If you’re with a well balanced team with a decent melee teammate and enough damage dealers to keep the mobs from swamping you, it’s not a difficult mission to take on. Using Isic’s turret capabilities as a mech helps especially when it’s time to to get through the enemy mobs blocking the power source gates.

One of the more challenging segments is defending Nova while she hacks the core. Using large, heavy assault DPS characters like Isic will help a ton in getting through the mission, especially if he’s upgraded enough where you can utilize his multi-weapon loadout in his specialized mech mode.

A majority of The Saboteur will consist of traveling to a core, defeating the mobs at the gates, getting to the core, protecting Nova while she hacks the core and then playing defense until she’s finished.

The final boss of The Saboteur is Thrall Foreman Grall. Simply take out the mobs and then dwindle his life when his shields are off. Rinse and repeat until he’s done for.

Battleborn is available right now for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The game has already faded from most of social media very shortly after it launched, and it’s expected to fade even further once Overwatch launches.


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