Black Desert Online Valencia Part 1 Expansion Launches June 1st

Set to go live at the very start of next month, Black Desert Online’s newest expansion called Valencia will have its first part made available to the game-playing audience of Pearl Abyss’ popular MMORPG.

Blues picked up the news from over on the official Black Desert Online website, where it was announced that the new content would increase the overall game world by more than 30% and that tons of new quests for the main storyline would be added, along with plenty of side-quests for those who want to dilly dally around and level up their character by collecting rat skins or playing courier for the day.

According to Daum Communications, the Valencia region will see players exploring a brand new desert region that gets so hot during the day that the player character will need to stay hydrated. The nights will also get chilly, so warmth becomes the order of the day when the sun retreats behind the moon. They’ve also added some new weather effects given that it takes place in a desert, with sandstorms rummaging through the area and causing damage effects if players aren’t properly protected.

The Valencia region also won’t allow you to use the mini-map, as you’ll need to trek through the desert using your wits and a bit of your own navigational prowess.

Wagons, horses and mounts will also suffer from speed penalties while trying through the desert, so they introduced camels that players can pick up from the cash shop in order to make the trek easier through the sandy dunes of Valencia. The elephant mount is also being introduced as well to help give guilds a little something-something to help outfit their organization with when traveling across the desert.

Pearl Abyss and Daum Communications will likely make a killing on cash shop items if continue to produce thematic-oriented content where the mechanics affect the actual gameplay. I can only imagine they already have an icy tundra-themed expansion on the way where snow wolves and bears will be the mounts of the day, featured nice and pricey in the cash shop.

Anyway, you can learn more about Black Desert Online by visiting the official website. The first part of Valencia will launch on June 1st next month for PC.

(Main image courtesy of NirGreenSpring)