Capcom Set To Showcase Live Gameplay Of Monster Hunter Generations’ Co-op

Originally released last year back on November 28th for Japan, Capcom has announced a new live stream event that will detail new information regarding Monster Hunter Generations and its 4 player co-op for the west. Generations will come out for the 3DS on July 15th.

I do enjoy playing Monster Hunter games. They provide nice rich hardy battles with various monsters that hone very unique and dangerous moves. Learning the curve with each character and how to deal with big and small monsters alike also add to the ever challenging game, especially on the harder difficulty settings. It offers actual skill and not button mashing against a ridicules AI that has no pattern to learn.

One thing, however, that I would like to see is a Monster Hunter game for PC, or for PS4. In my opinion, I think it’s great that it is on a handheld device like the 3DS, but I think the game’s epic premise and grandeur battles would be much better on consoles or PC.

Anyways, the west is set up to receive Capcom’s latest iteration of Monster Hunter which is Generations. The game is noted to be due out July 15th this year, but in the meantime, there will be a special Twitch stream of the game on May 26th. This stream will feature gameplay, and 4 player co-op.

The aforesaid comes to us by a tweet that reveals the date and when the stream will take place, as seen below.

I’m sure the stream will provide fans of Monster Hunter a nice summary of what they can expect from the game, if they haven’t already learned from the JP version and what it has in store for players.

If you want to catch the Twitch stream, it will go live on May 26th at 4PM PT. For more information pertaining to Monster Hunter Generations you can hit up


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