CD Projekt Red Releases New Witcher 3 Blood And Wine Trailer Showing Toussaint

I know Blood and Wine is said to be Geralt’s last run, but it sure does seem like a nice way to end his adventure with the peculiar land of Toussaint. Although strange, the land calls for Geralt to resolve unsettled mysteries that lurk the land. The latest trailer that CD Projekt Red released reveals a bit more about the next location, which will arrive May 31st, for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Brightly lit with potent colors, the land of Toussaint is not just known for its unique appearance of outwardly beautiful landscapes and awe-inspiring views, but its also known for maintaining rich resources that have been unscathed by the horrors of war, or so we think. Noted to hold dark mysterious throughout, Geralt’s next adventure takes him on a mystery to resolve Toussaint’s inner-secrets that are revealed in a new trailer, as seen below.

As seen above, the lands are shown and depicted like a fairy tale with a menacing twist to it. The story will obviously hold more secrets than one would probably expect, opting players to investigate the corrupt stories that are passed along.

In addition to the story, the devs also note that the gameplay will be enhanced as well, which will accompany the story. It’s also been said that Blood and Wine is almost an entirely new game in itself, which sounds pretty interesting.

I’m sure the amount of secrets and new equipment along with familiar and unfamiliar faces will also add to the excitement, given that they will provide more depth and quest missions throughout the DLC.

Lastly, though this is Geralt’s last run, I’d expect it to be pretty big in scale to give players a warm farewell to the one of Rivia. Those excited for the Blood and Wine DLC, it will be available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One at the end of this month on the 31st.


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