Celsius Heroes Updated With New Quests And Areas To Explore

Celsius Online announced that their hybrid match-3 role-playing game, Celsius Heroes, has been updated with some brand new content for gamers to explore, including two all new areas and more than a dozen new side-quests.

The mobile RPG’s update features the Anvil Rock and Twin Lions territories to explore, both of which contain lots of new secondary quests as well as a few new main quests to further the story along. They mention in the press release that the difficulty will vary for beginners and experienced players alike, so there’s going to be flavors of challenge that appeal to everyone.

A trailer was also recently cut together, showcasing more of the gameplay and features for those of you who may not have seen Celsius Heroes in action before. You can check it out below.

So as mentioned, the game combines typical exploration and first-person dungeon crawling, along with team building and looting, with the strategy and quick-reflexes of a match-3 game similar to Bejeweled. It’s a neat divergence from the typical dungeon crawler or the standard match-3 puzzle title, both of which you will find aplenty on mobile devices, but combining them together helps Celsius Heroes stand apart on its own.

The developers have been consistently updating the game for mobile and Facebook users, adding in new quests, content and loot.

They also allow for cross-platform user accounts, so you can play the game on your Android or iOS device and then slip into something more comfortable… like a 64-bit OS with 16GB of RAM and an SLI GPU to experience the joys of Celsius Heroes… on Facebook.

They do note that the iOS and Android versions of the game actually have higher graphics fidelity than the Facebook version. So if you have a really low-end PC and you still feel like playing the title, it’s not a bad way to go to burn some time. You can learn more about Celsius Heroes by either picking up a copy on the Google Play store, the iTunes app store, or by visiting the Facebook page.


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