Crush Crush Dating Sim Enters Early Access On Steam

Sad Panda Studios have moved their free-to-play “idle” dating simulator, Crush Crush, into Early Access on Steam. The game is a typical dating sim, only it’s filled to the brim with a lot of humor and quirky interactions.

Players will take on the role of a guy trying to win over the hearts and undergarments of the lovely ladies in town by taking them out to dinner, flirting them up about various topics, and traveling to the sandy beaches for a good ‘ole weekend of fun.

You can check out the trailer below to get an idea of how this clicker dating sim operates.

Sad Panda Studios recently made a post on the Steam page inviting all beta testers to put some time and energy into their new dating sim.

You can access the beta branch of Crush Crush separate from the Early Access rendition by following a few simple steps, as mentioned on the news page…

“Once the Properties window opens there will be a BETAS tab at the top. Select the BETAS tab. You must provide a password to unlock the beta branch. Enter ‘crushcrush1234’ into the beta access code location, and Steam should unlock the beta branch. You can now select ‘beta – Beta Build’ from the BETAS tab.”

According to the Early Access page, this little sim is already near complete. They launched it into Early Access in order to get some feedback from the community and focus more on ironing out the kinks before putting Crush Crush out for a full public release.

If things go over well, Sad Panda notes that Crush Crush should be out of Early Access in a “jiffy”.

Pricing for the title will not change even when it does exit Early Access. It will continue to be free-to-play with in-app purchases.

So far, Crush Crush has been receiving mostly positive feedback from the community. Sacrosanctity liked the game’s easy appeal and multi-layered dating aspects, writing in the Early Access review…

“Long story short, this is a dating sim / clicker? game and the goal is to get the girls that you unlock through time to like you. To get them to like you, you will have to work to get money, build up hobbies, buy gifts and continuously apologize for whatever reason they don’t like you for. Once you get them to like you enough, you can start “dating” them.”

There are some comparisons to HuniePot’s Honeypop, so if you’re into those kind of games you’ll find easy appeal with Crush Crush.

Again, it’s free-to-play so the only thing you would have to lose in trying it out is time. You can check out the game by paying a visit to the Steam store page.


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