CS:GO Shortfilm “Clockwork 4” Wows With Stunning Visual Effects

There is a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive fan film that has been circulating the internet the past few days and has quickly picked up a following for its visual art style and homage to to the popular shooter, CS:GO.

The Clockwork 4 video was uploaded and created by animator and visual editor, Nicole Hawkins, who goes by the online alias NikkyyHD. The video went live and gained quite a bit of attention for the amount of detail put into the animations, the visual effects, and the music remixes that play in the background throughout the video. Besides, I have to admit that those helmets are freaking amazing.

clockwork 4 2

NikkyyHD has been sharing the new Clockwork 4 video on her Twitter feed to promote the video and share it with her followers, and has also uploaded the Clockwork 4 video onto her official YouTube channel on May 15th 2016. However, that isn’t the video that has all the buzz and the views.

Just a day earlier, Clockwork 4 was also uploaded to the YouTube channel Sparkles ☆ #1 Gaming – CSGO & more, where they showcased and featured the video to the world on May 14th, and for most CS:GO fans, they were blown away. The video features a remake of CS:GO themes, stages, and characters, but in a beautifully remastered world in stunning HD quality, with some really cool visual effects and animations that aren’t in the actual official version of the game.

The 3D models used and the entire concept is amazing and just a really cool short film that is worth watching for any fans of the Counter-Strike series, or anyone that is just a fan of Video game fan films. Take a look at the amazing video down below to see Clockwork 4 for yourself.

NikkyyHD has been editing and uploading videos now for close to three years on her YouTube channel, with the Clockwork 4 being her latest (and possibly most impressive) work of art that she has released so far. Currently, the Clockwork 4 video has over 636,800 views and counting, with over 90,000 likes.


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