Defend Your friend: Test your Teamwork In This Cooperative Puzzler

Defend Your friend is the type of strategy puzzle game that will either strengthen your bonds of friendship, or make you flip your table over and throw your buddy out the window.

The developers at Team Frenemies are the creators behind Defend Your friend, a puzzle game that works around manipulating light to pass various traps and obstacles.

Any game where you have to work together with pinpoint precision is bound to build up tension as you yell out instructions to your friend so that you can complete the stage, but the developers say that Defend Your friend is easy to pick up so that anyone can play, and that they have spent time creating easy to use controls so that you never have to fumble around to figure out what to do. So if one of you fail to Defend Your friend, there is no one to blame but yourselves. Good times!

The developers have also said that Defend Your friend was inspired by games like Trine and Portal 2, to really enforce the use of cooperative gameplay. However, the game might be easy to pick up, but they also say that it has challenging and interesting puzzles to keep you entertained. You play as two small little floating orbs, each with their own unique abilities. One orb can deploy a shield and deflect lasers, while the other can shoot beams of light and push objects around.

Using the given abilities, you must work as a team to deactivate traps, open up new areas, or block deadly laser beams from destroying your friend so that you can both make it to the exit. The concept sounds easy in theory, but I could tell already by the below trailer that was released that executing those plans with precision while you try to Defend Your friend without dying will be quite the challenge. Take a look at the gameplay trailer video that I linked down below to see a bit of gameplay for yourself.

Defend Your friend will support both local and online multiplayer support so that you can always find someone to team up with to defend, but they also list the option for single player as well. If you are looking for a cooperative puzzle game to tease that brain of yours, Defend Your friend might be something that interests you. If you would like to learn more, you can head on over to the Steam Greenlight page to read about everything the game has to offer, or cast your vote to help get it accepted onto Steam. For additional information and details, you can also checkout the Defend Your friend official website.


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