Dome City Launches Kickstarter Campaign and 8 Minute gameplay trailer

Dome City is an indie game project developed by Overon Station. Dome City is a story-driven, virtual reality, puzzle adventure game, that actually looks quite impressive.

When I read the words “VR Headset” I tend to think of simple point-and-click games, or those walking simulator visual experience “games” where you just walk around and look at the pretty flowers. Dome City appears to be different, focusing on an actual story and a first person sci-fi adventure.

Overon Station released both a teaser trailer, and an eight minute gameplay trailer that showcases a little what their game will be like upon release. So far, it looks like the game will have full voice actor dialogue for their characters, as well as multiple choice options to choose what you say and do, creating a non-linear adventure story. The developers say that there will also be multiple choice endings depending on those actions.

Dome city2

The Hungarian science fiction novel: a kupolavaros titka. Translation: The secret of the dome city

So what is Dome City? It all started from the book The Secret of Dome City, written by István Nemere in the 1980s, who is also listed on the Kickstarter campaign page for assisting with the video game’s story, alongside other long time science fiction writers. As for the video game, Dome City will be a first person adventure game, with problem solving and puzzle elements.

The story takes place in the year 2400, following the story of a young and naive space crew. You play as a the captain of a small three-man crew that goes on a journey to investigate an abandoned Dome City on Mars, and end up getting stranded there with no way to escape. Now, with nothing but their limited amount of supplies, their teamwork, and their wits, they must find a way to escape to return home. However, the abandoned city sounds like it isn’t as abandoned as they thought, and the team may not be completely alone. You can take a look at both the teaser trailer and the 8 minute gameplay trailer that I linked below.

Graphically, Dome City looks beautiful, and I love the amount of immersion they have put into the crew’s ship and how you interact with the environment and your fellow crew members. However, Dome City still has a ways to go to finish, as they are looking for a fall 2017 release date. If you are interested in supporting them you can head on over to their Kickstarter Campaign page to show your support to help them reach their funding goals.

If the developers for Dome City are successful and everything goes as planned financially, they also plan to release a free DLC cooperative multiplayer expansion for winter of 2017, that will have its own story that takes place in the Dome City.

If you would like to learn more about Dome City, you can also visit their Steam Greenlight page, or their official website for further details and to follow their development progress.


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