Dragon Quest Builders’ Western Release Set For PS4, And PS Vita In October

That’s right, Square Enix has plans on bringing Dragon Quest Builders over to the west for PS4 and PS Vita during October. The Minecraft-like game will sport both physical and digital copies, and will release this year.

It’s around that time where Square Enix is set to release some information regarding Dragon Quest Builders heading westward. It should be noted that the game isn’t anything new, but it is interesting to see the world of Dragon Quest turned into blocks and sport a similar play style as Minecraft, except with a JRPG story thing going on.

In addition to its upcoming release, folks that enjoy playing on their PS Vita or PS4 will be able to do so with Builders sometime during October. As of now, no official date has been given to specify exactly when it will drop during October. But, I’m sure a trailer or batch of screenshots will soon address that in the near future.

Looking over to what the game has to offer, players are tasked to go on an adventure to build and destroy blocks, while leveling their characters up through the typical RPG method of finding stuff and battling enemies. Gathering resources will also play an essential part, along with discovering new places to rebuild Alefgard, which was destroyed by Dragonlord.

Like Minecraft, the world is set in a sandbox realm that has key points that merge building things and an interactive story together. Like most Dragon Quest games, there will be a list of characters that players will come across that call for “extravagant requests,” as well as different enemies and citizens.

But enough of me explaining what the game is about. You can check out the western announcement trailer below, which is basically the original Japanese version.

Lastly, the devs noted that they want the game to be fun with simple controls that are “quick-to-master.” I’d imagine players welcoming functioning controls in a block building RPG, where fighting and building are essential. If you want more information on Square Enix’s Dragon Quest Builders, you can head on over to the official site to learn more.


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