Dystoria: Tron-Inspired Puzzle-Shooter Now on Greenlight

Tri-Coastal Games is a small two man team behind their new game Dystoria, which looks a lot like a Tron-themed space shooter. At first glance you can see the inspiration, as the vehicles look like different types of spaceships pulled straight from the Tron movies. Then you see the one flying ship that looks a lot like the Recognizer, and it all but seals the deal.

Is it a bad thing that the game has such a heavy Tron inspired art style? I don’t think so, because the gameplay and ship designs are still creative enough for the game to stand on its own, and if you take a look at their other ships you can see inspirations from Star Wars and Star Trek as well. The visual aesthetics for Dystoria has a colorful grid theme, full of neon lights with an awesome 80s-style retro synthwave soundtrack that plays in the background that gives the game a futuristic, sci-fi feel as you maneuver your way around the complex stages.


The developers say that Dystoria will be a 6-axis space shooter, which means that it will have crazy level designs similar to the classic Descent, where your ship can travel around the grid style environments in almost every direction without gravity hindering your ship’s movement.

The stages will be designed where you must solve puzzles while also blasting away at obstacles and enemies that try to block your path or destroy you. Dystoria will feature 10 ships that you will be able to upgrade, each with different stats that affects speed, weapons, shields, and handling.

Speed seems to be a key aspect of the gameplay, as you race around the area to find special orbs to unlock the exit portal to complete the stage before time runs out. Dystoria has released a gameplay trailer that I linked down below, so you can see the game in action.

If Dystoria gets Greenlit, the developers say that they will be releasing free DLC updates for life after you purchase the game. Who can say no to free DLC for life?

If you are interested you can visit Dystoria’s Steam Greenlight page to cast your vote, or head on over to their Kickstarter page to show your support or read up on the gameplay concept for additional details.


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