E3 2016: I Am Setsuna Trailer Rekindles Old-School JRPG Themes

Classical music? Check. Great art? Check. Isometric camera angle? Check. Classic turn-based combat? Double check. Sounds like a formula for a throwback to an old-school, JRPG project, eh? Well, that’s what Square Enix is gunning for with I Am Setsuna.

The old-school title made for new-school audiences will be making an appearance at this year’s E3 in Los Angeles, California. It will be part of Square Enix’s line-up and they released a new trailer to give gamers a look at what to expect from the title at this year’s trade show. You can check it out below.

The game’s trailer focuses heavily on the theme of sacrifice. We don’t know exactly what this means just yet because it’s all bait to lure in gamers looking to experience a well told story done in the classical sense… something that seems to be a long-forgotten trait in today’s gaming industry.

Most impressive to me is the dedication to the combat. We see that players can use basic attacks, techs that rely on an SP gauge that can be filled up to boost momentum, and items to help heal teammates or turn the tide in battle.

I Am Setsuna E3 2016

I love the fact that despite how short the trailer is, it manages to give many fans of classic JRPGs everything they need to see in order to get hyped. Beautiful environments, expansive worlds to explore, airships and turn-based combat. It’s like a game from the SNES that was made for the PS2 that’s being released in 2016.

The game is due for release on the PlayStation 4 and on Steam for PC starting July 19th. You can learn more about the game by hitting up the official website. This is definitely something worth keeping an eye on if you enjoy the classics from the SNES and PSX era of JRPGs, back when gaming was good and gaming journalists knew how to get good.


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