Fallout 4 Mods Skip Far Harbor Memory Puzzle, Adds More Dialog And Plasma Rifle
(Last Updated On: May 28, 2016)

Fallout 4 modders recently took to Nexus Mods to show off their mods for Fallout 4. If you hate the Far Harbor memory puzzle, want more future weapons, or seek better dialog, there are some new mods to help with that.

The first mod by Elianora skips the obnoxious glitchy puzzle part in the Far Harbor DLC. If you have trouble moving the blocks around to get the bugs to the designated target, you’ll be glad to know that a new mod skips that segment, and allows you to enjoy the rest of the game. Honestly, this mod sounds like a good bypass for such. To use the mod, go to the first memory puzzle room and summon the console command and type Bat Puzzles. Exit the simulator and listen to the tapes and you should be good to go. You can get the mod by going to Nexusmods.

The next mod is by the very active modder Niero. I’ve got to say Niero did a great job on this weapon, given that it offers so much variety to fit anyone’s play style. The CROSS PlasRail offers basic ballistics along with plasma rounds, disc blades, flame and ARC rounds. For a better view of the CROSS PlasRail rifle, you can view it below or get it on Nexusmods.

Modder Anbeegod has made a mod similar to the Guard Dialogue Overhaul for Skyrim. This, as its name suggest, changes some of the dialog in Fallout 4 and addresses many problems that the modder felt were a bit out-of-place.

“I’ve changed more lines than what I mentioned, including the generic lines of BOS, Institute scientists, settlers, guards and more. Please feel free to find them out and report any issues/bugs/problems you find regarding the generic dialogues (settlers, guards, Institute scientists etc). I will be more than happy to fix or improve them.”

If you want better and more immersive dialog in your game, you can head on over to Nexusmods to do so. Lastly, it’s worth noting that Xbox One and PS4 players will be able to enjoy all of these mods and more on May 31st, and sometime in June for the latter.

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  • Michael P

    That gun is straight Boss. Tracking all 3 mods for when I get back to Fallout…. currently on a NG+ run for The Witcher 3 in anticipation of Blood and Wine.

    2 more days!

    • Ethan42

      I can’t wait for Blood and Wine too. Seems like it will be a good adventure for Geralt.

      • Michael P

        And his last..at least for a while. Cyberpunk 2077 after this but that’s gonna be a long wait!

        Truth be told, if CDPR go back to The Witcher world at some point, I wouldn’t mind seeing a game focused on Ciri. She was boss too, in the little moments we controlled her anyways.

        • Ethan42

          Seeing another perspective in the world of the Witcher would be something I could get behind. As for CDRP doing Cyberpunk 2077… I’m a little worried about that project. I like cyber/steampunk stuff, but if it keeps running into development problems I don’t know if it will end up turning into a glitchy mess, or even release to the public.