Fallout 4 Bowling Ball Glitch In 1.5 Offers More Ammo And Damage

There’s a new Fallout 4 glitch that allows you to get more than two bowling balls and to get two extra. This glitch allows players to deal more damage in a nutshell, while gaining more ammo. The Striker bowling ball ammo glitch works on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

To do the ammo glitch and shoot more than one bowling ball to deal more damage can be done only if you have the Striker bowling ball gun, which is located in Beaver Creek Lanes. If you feel that you don’t have enough balls, or I should say bowling balls, you can get more infinitely by finding the new weapon. DemonAslyum shows where the weapon is located.

Now that you have the gun you can practice doing the next glitch. You will need to get in your Power Armor, go first person and aim in with your iron sight button. Aim back out and go third person and you will shoot two rockets on fire. If you have the Big Boy with the perk to shoot two extra missiles, you will fire four more. If you don’t know how to do the next glitch you can watch the video below.

This now brings us to the most current version of the glitch with the bowling ball and to get even more ammo. Switch out the rocket perk inside the Weapons Workbench so that instead you will shoot bowling balls when using a weapon like the Big Boy or Fat Man. Utilizing the glitch above will allow you to shoot two or four bowling balls so that you can get even more ammo or deal more damage than before. DemonAsylum has another video showing how to do the new version.

Switching the perk for the Big Boy to shoot bowling balls allows you to get extra balls so that you get two more to pick up for more ammo. With the glitch with the power armor you will receive an additional two more. Lastly, you can only do this glitch with the Fallout 4 Far Harbor DLC.


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