Fallout 4 Xbox One Official Mods Set To Arrive On May 31st

Depending on where you are means that you’re probably watching the live stream now of Fallout 4’s mods coming to consoles, or depending on where you are… it’s already passed. However, a new video has been posted up detailing even more about Xbox One players and what they can expect from console mod support. PS4 support will arrive sometime during June while PC already has access to creating mods, thanks to the Open Beta.

Those of you who own an Xbox One and that love playing Fallout 4 with mods will be able to do so on Microsoft’s console, soon. Due to recent invites for Fallout 4 beta sign-ups going live. This means the beauty and wonders of any PC mod will be available to those who are unable to enjoy mods.

This will grant Xbox One players, including PS4 users as well, the ability to browse, download, rate and search through mods while they’re in-game. This will bring all the strange, cool and “slooty” mods all in one place, which will be on your Pip-boy.

If you want to see the new video of Major Nelson explaining the mod support for Xbox One players, you can check it out below.

Joining this is the actual release date for console mod support, which will happen on May 31st. As seen below, this information comes from BethesdaGamesStudios official Twitter.

For me and others alike, the live stream already ended but for those that abide by GMT, you will be able to catch it at 8pm. For those under ET and PT time, the former started at 4pm while the latter took place at 1pm. With that said, you can catch it over on the devs’ official Twitch channel if you missed it.

Fallout 4 is out now for PC, Xbox One and PS4. Those on PS4 looking for mods will get them sometime during June, while PC has access to the Open Beta now, while Xbox One will gain it on May 31st.


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