How To Sign-Up For Fallout 4’s Xbox One Mod Support

Bethesda took to Twitter to announce that Xbox One players will be able to sign-up for the official mod support for consoles, which is currently in its beta state. PS4 players will receive the same function, which is slated to arrive sometime in June.

The mod tools were promised to come in May, and Bethesda announced on Twitter that those who like mods will be able to sign-up on Xbox One now to beta test the tools. The tweet basically announces that the current mod testing is in its beta form, and that sign-ups are currently live.

I’m sure this comes in as good news to console players, meaning that they will be able to use mods in some regards to get ahead instead of having to use unreliable or hard to do glitches, though I’m not so sure why the devs went out of their way to fix the non-game breaking glitches when you can’t play online and affect other players like in Ubisoft’s glitchy but popular The Division.

Anyways, PC already has mod support which is in its Open Beta segment and allows for modders to get a taste of the Creation Kit and the tools to bend the game to their liking. If all of that sounds good, you can read the tweet below.

The link to the sign-up page is in the tweet, but if it’s not working correctly, which some people have been complaining about in the comments of the tweet, you can try to sign-up by visiting

Microsoft and Bethesda had made a deal last year so that mod support would arrive first on the Xbox One, well ahead of the PS4. It was also revealed that the mod support would arrive sometime during the spring, so at least Bethesda is still staying punctual to the roadmap.

Lastly, mod support is live for PC and sign-ups for the beta are now going for Xbox One users. PS4 support for Fallout 4 mods will soon arrive sometime during June. For more information on Bethesda’s Creation Kit and how the modding works, you can head on over to the game’s official page to watch the full rundown for mod and console support.


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