Fractured State Set To Enter Early Access In July

Mechanical Monocle’s real-time strategy game, Fracture State, is set to arrive on Steam’s Early Access platform starting sometime in the middle of July.

The developers announced that the RTS will be a little bit different other titles on the market given that firearms and projectiles will be handled more realistically, and players will have to account for the downtime of reloading.

The game wants to move away from the reliance on resource micromanagement and instead focus on unit micromanagement. Players will need to focus on using cover fire, organizing flanks and setting up their units to take advantage of the environment. Part of the way they’re changing the formula with RTS battles is highlighted in a developer diary focusing solely on the combat. You can check it out below.

It reminds me a little bit of Company of Heroes, where cover fire and unit placement are just as important as the amount of units you have on the field.

The game puts players in an urban environment, where alleyways, streets, town centers and buildings work as the battlegrounds, as opposed to the typical war-torn jungles, beaches, deserts or mountain ranges that usually make up for the environments of RTS titles.

The Early Access rendition of Fractured State will sport four playable maps with up to eight players via online or LAN (and oh boy does it feel strange typing out ‘LAN’ since I can’t remember the last time that was a feature in a multiplayer game), along with four units per each faction and basic mod support.

The full game will feature a campaign story mode, tons of more mulitplayer maps, a lore library and complete Steam Workshop integration for mods of all flavors.

They also plan on implementing a replay mode with camera controls, so much like Total War: Warhammer, players will be able to go back and see what strategies worked, which ones failed, and how to improve on their unit management the next time around.

You can learn more about Fractured State hitting up the game’s official website. Be sure to look for the Early Access launch in mid July.


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