Go-Kart Racing Game KartKraft Slated To Land On PC June 2nd

Black Delta has made a beautiful go-kart racing game that takes the no-suspension and downforce machines to the professional black tops. Noted to have real “kart physics” and on-point circuits, KartKraft will be due out early next month for PC, on June 2nd.

Admittedly, I like racing games. MotoGP Ultimate Racing Technology 3 provided a lot of fun back in the day when racing, or tinkering with the gearbox set-up. Enjoying a race with an average speed of 160mph or 257kph, you will need to tinker with the internal parts of your motorcycle to do so. However, KartKraft will have you racing in a racing kart against other contenders with far less worry about hitting deadly speeds like in other racing disciplines.

As some might already know, there’s no suspension, or seatbelts among other essentials that one will need for safety or better stability when racing in go-karts, but that’s not what makes a true racer. True wit and hustling is required, as noted below.

“CHAMPIONS ARE MADE IN KARTKRAFT. No suspension, no downforce, no seatbelts; this is real kart racing. Sharpen your race craft as 30 other drivers hustle to get past and steal the chequered flag.”

Described to be intense and “hyper realistic,” the devs note that KartKraft isn’t all about its graphics, but spreads the butter on gameplay mechanics too. Having played a nice plethora of racing games, graphics do help, but physics and proper mechanics play an extra part to keep racers coming back for more. Enough on that though, if you want to see some actual gameplay footage, you can view it thanks to KartKraftGames.

In addition, there will also be a “never-before-seen racing sandbox” mode, which I expect to feature something that has players customizing and roaming places at their own leisure, but that’s just my guess. Speaking of customization, parts, products and avatars from Alpinestars, IAME, MIR, Sparco, Arai, FREEM, Monaco and more will be optional for players to pick from.

Set to come out on Steam Early Access on June 2nd, KartKraft will be available for PC. To learn more about this game you can hit up its main site.


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