GTA 5 Mod Lets You Play As Glenn From The Walking Dead

Have you ever wanted to step into the shoes of a character who just wasn’t cool enough to be the main character of a popular TV show? Have you ever wanted to find out what it would be like if Glenn Rhee from The Walking Dead took to a life of crime on the mean streets of Los Santos? Well, now you get a chance to do so with the new GTA V mod featuring Glenn Rhee from AMC’s The Walking Dead TV show.

Modder TheFriedTurkey popped together a mod that allows Glenn Rhee to roam around in GTA V as a pedestrian. It’s a mod that’s also compatible with the Rick Grimes mod that allows you to take on the role of the post-zombie apocalypse sheriff. You can see what Glenn looks like in action with the video

TheFriedTurkey built the Glenn model from scratch. This wasn’t meshed together from other mod. So he took some time and duty to do Glenn right… just like Negan did Glenn right with Lucille.

Anyway, you can run this mod simply by using OpenIV and the ScriptHookV script and mod loaders, placing the modded files into the appropriate directory. You’ll have to do a bit of file shuffling and deleting to get Glenn to work right proper but after that you’ll be up and running with a 3D recreation of a Glenn who looks like he just got done eating an autistic sandwich.

You can use a trainer to easily swap through the pedestrian models to play as in GTA V. This is perfect for gamers who want to create The Walking Dead machinima within GTA. And with the added director tools and video editing options, it’s now easier than ever before to put together some high quality videos.

You can download the Glenn Rhee mod from over on GTA5-Mods.

Rick Grimes - GTA 5

And if you’re in the mood for playing as Rick Grimes, TheFriedturkey also has the mod up and available of the lead character from The Walking Dead as well. You can download that mod from over on GTA5-Mods, and start building a nice repertoire of characters from the zombie apocalypse show.


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