GTA 5 Mods Offer Up Ray Liotta And Agent 47 From Hitman

Playing as different characters in GTA V is one of the real highlights of the mod scene. With the tools now supporting the ability to fully import original and different model assets from other games, GTA V has become a playground for all sorts of creative ventures. In this case we have two well recognized characters making their playable debut as mods in Rockstar’s GTA V… Ray Liotta and Agent 47 from the Hitman series.

Modder Dauge managed to rip, rig and re-implement Ray Liotta from the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 zombies and plop him right into GTA V. The rip is clean, giving gamers a really nice, high-quality model of Liotta.

I love the screenshots on the mod page where he looks bewildered and aghast, with his mouth slightly agape and this wild expression running through his eyes. It’s a great look, I just hope they did the full face rigging because they would make it even better if he’s overlaid Michael in the story mode.


Dauge does mention that there is some slight facial animation work, but it’s also kind of screwed up. Sadly there are no videos of the mod in action up on the site just yet, but that was about the only major bug listed on the page, where he states…

“Mouth finally works for some strange reason. I don’t know exactly how I did this. Since this was accidental, the facial animation itself is a little bit screwed up but not much.”

If you want to add Ray Liotta to your GTA V gameplay experience, feel free to download the mod right now from over on

Up next is the man with the plan… Agent 47.


This GTA V mod comes courtesy of modder JotaPXModz. Unfortunately, this is also a replacement mod for Michael, so you can either willy-nilly around with the filenames to get Agent 47 to replace Trevor or Franklin, or you’ll have to choose between having Agent 47 or Ray Liotta busting heads and stealing cars in Los Santos.

Now, unlike the Ray Liotta mod there are some videos of the titular character in action. He was ripped right out of Hitman: Absolution, so the model quality, texture work and lighting actually looks pretty good on him, as opposed to the poor lighting work on Uncharted 3’s Nathan Drake. You can scope out the video below from W-TriXGaming.

You can download the mod right now by hitting up the GTA5-Mods page. It’s a simple drag and drop installation for the character.

Oh, and if you were shopping around for some more realistic headlights, modder Kevin56436 has you covered. He has a ENB-friendly mod that adds more realistic lighting to the headlights of the cars. It’s still in beta but it works well enough. You can see what the mod looks like in realtime within the game with the video below.

You can download the Realistic Headlights (LED) mod for GTA V by heading on over to the download page. It’s another drag-and-drop installation, so you shouldn’t have too many problems getting it up and working. Happy gaming.