GTA 5 Tornado Script Gives Gamers Some Epic Twister Moments
(Last Updated On: May 29, 2016)

Mods for GTA V continue to grow and expand. One of the latest mods for the game adds in the ability to experience random or player-controlled tornadoes. The script itself may be somewhat lightweight, but the effects it has on the game are anything but light.

Modder CamxxCore put together the script mod, which adds something special to the weather effects within Grand Theft Auto V. Over on the mod page CamxxCore explains…

“With this script installed, it brings the possibility that a violent tornado will spawn in when the weather turns bad.


“Tornados can be set to appear naturally during thunderstorms or spawned at your command using a specified keybind.”

When set to random, players may encounter a touchdown from a tornado during bad weather, likely when thunderstorms arise. Otherwise, players can call down a tornado like Thor calling down lightning.

Talking about tornadoes and epic twisters is all fine and dandy but I’m sure most people want to see what it looks like in the actual game. Well, lucky for you there’s a really awesome four minute machinima put together by YouTuber BTV, where they showcase the tornado script in classic Hollywood blockbuster fashion. Check it out below.

The video does a really great job of selling how dynamic and dangerous the tornado script can be.

A lot of gamers note that despite the prodigious display of mother nature wrecking havoc around the Los Santos region, it comes at a hefty price… and I’m not talking about property damage.

Many of the users are reporting that frame-rates take a major hit when the mod is active, thus requiring players to have some fairly hefty and high-end rigs to make the most use of the mod.

CamxxCore is aware of the issue but there isn’t much to be done at this point due to the way GTA V is designed. Although, CamxxCore does mention that there might be a solution in the form of a custom particle script, but there’s no sense in holding your breath for that.

If you have a rig beefy enough to handle GTA V getting wrecked by a tornado, feel free to download the mod from over on

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  • C G Saturation

    I’ve never experienced a real tornado in action. Are they more dangerous to people in vehicles than people on foot? Movies kinda give me that impression.

    • Mr.Towel

      I haven’t experienced tornadoes either, but I did experience a few monstrous storms with fast winds.

      Choosing on foot vs on car will depend mostly in your distance from the center of the storm. If you’re a far away from the tornado/center of the storm, the greatest danger you can suffer is debris being slingshot from the high speed winds in your direction, so, usually, a car is safer, as long as you keep the car moving and have your back to the storm (the windshield on the front of the car is too great an opening to face flying debris).

      If you’re close to the tornado/center of the storm (the usual situation in movies), staying in a car is bad (unless your car can outrun the storm by a large margin, which is unlikely and dangerous). The problem is: a car has a very large surface area (enormous body frame) but very little contact with the ground (only a small surface of the four wheels). What happens then is that the wind start to hit the car body panels, creating an gigantic air pressure on one direction, the little contact the wheels have with the ground the car don’t have enough friction to stay on place, the car is dragged by the wings. The air physics involved are similar to a road sign on fast winds (large surface area, little contact on the ground), but worse because the car also has a large surface area underneath it. The wind can easily get below it and form a bubble of air the pushes the car up, loosening even more the friction the wheel would’ve on the ground. That’s why on very fast winds you can see econoshitboxes with wheels taking flight. This air bubble effect is also what blows the roof from houses.

      If you’re near the center of the storm, your greatest chance of survival is finding a very sturdy cover that is deep attached on the ground and stay low underneath or beside it. If you don’t find a cover, staying low is key. Crouch or crawl, get inside a hole/depression/valley, something low without much negative air pressure. This will make more difficult for the fast winds to blow you up and most debris will be flying sky high anyways.

      Movies, as always, ignore physics because it’s fun.