Guardian Of The Rose: RPG Adventure Game Enters Steam Greenlight

Looking for a new RPG adventure rocking the old-school pixel look? Well, a new game by indie dev Broc and his small team took to Greenlight to make a Zelda-like adventure game containing “epic boss fights,” and a variety of endings.

The game is said to operate like a modernized version of the old Zelda games, and paying homage to other older adventure games like Gauntlet. Folks will encounter the usual upgrades like in both series where weapons, skills and items become better by progressing through the game, as well as finding them through secrets.

The game will also feature key points throughout the story that will change the ending. Alternate endings will be affected by waging wars, starting revolutions or by staying neutral. With that said, you can read the official story below.

“The illegal art of Witchcraft has tainted the Royal Guard and brought ruin upon the kingdom. A small group of the Royal Guard has slaughtered the King’s family and taken control of the kingdom. It is now up to you and a small group of members of the Royal Guard that calls themselves the Guardians of the Rose to save the kingdom.”


“And you, a boy with no magical ability, are left with the task to save the kingdom. Will you choose to taint yourself with witchcraft or will you choose to search out legendary magical items to use in your struggle to save the kingdom?”

Thanks to GameTherapyTV, you can watch an early build of the game in action. The video runs only for half a minute and shows a portion of what Guardian Of The Rose has to offer.

The devs also have their RPG adventure on Kickstarter, which has 34 backers and raised $865 out of its goal of $7,500. The project, as of this writing, has 28 days to go. If you want to support it on Greenlight or Kickstarter, you can hit up either or to do so.


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