Halo 5: Guardians Infection Mode Detailed In New Gameplay Video

Made by fans as a classic throwback to something similar to a zombie mode, the Infection Mode makes a comeback in Halo 5: Guardians. The devs at 343 Industries talk about what’s new in the upcoming update that adds a few more features to the fan-made mode.

Fans of older Halo games will remember the classic Infection Mode that huddles human and zombies together in an arena to duke it out. Those who’ve enjoyed the mode in past iterations of Halo will be able to take part in it again in Guardians. This was announced in a video by the devs at 343 Industries that Game Informer posted.

The fan-made mode aims to give the Halo universe a nice invested or Flood-like essence that includes three existing maps with a few alterations.

Although limited, the first couple of Halo games offered players mode customization to the game modes when battling other players. The devs took that a step further and made a long list of content and in-game option changeable so that the Infection Mode will be applicable to a vast amount of specific alterations.

A glimpse of the Infection Mode can be caught below. The mode is played by Community coordinator John Junyszek and Multiplayer Engineer Geoff Landskov, who talk and elaborate on the classic game mode in Halo 5.

Players will be able to change the weapon load-out and what weapons one can use as the infected or as the humans. Further customization also includes character designs and if they look like regular infected players or their original color scheme. This also joins a list of other options and game mode customization, which should be pretty cool.

Arriving in the free Memories of Reach update, the new game mode will most likely gain extra show time in the Twitch live stream on May 11th, which will be free on Wednesday. Halo 5: Guardians is out now for Xbox One.


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